Russell Westbrook may be performing well for the Lakers, but he is not immune to a potential trade.

The Lakers are still considering trading Westbrook ahead of the NBA trade deadline.

They have been in talks with the Utah Jazz about a potential trade.

Westbrook's name was already being mentioned in trade talks before the Lakers season began.

Fans were not happy with his performance in his first season, but he has improved since moving to a bench role.

This has led fans to wonder if the Lakers will still trade Westbrook at the deadline.

The Lakers still have areas that need improvement and outside shooting is one of them.

The Jazz could provide the Lakers with a playmaking PG and good deep-ball shooting.

There is also an argument that trading Westbrook could do more harm than good.

The Lakers season has been up-and-down and they hope Anthony Davis' return will boost the team before the All-Star break.