Utah Jazz fans love winning free Chick-Fil-A when an opposing player misses two free throws.

But perhaps no one loves when those fans win that free chicken more than Jazz forward Kelly Olynyk.

It was the fourth quarter of Wednesday’s 126-103 against the L.A. Clippers. With 51.6 seconds left,

Clippers forward Moussa Diabaté was shooting two free throws.

Diabaté missed the first. That’s when the crowd’s cheers started to crescendo.

Olynyk, who did not play due to a left ankle sprain, stood on the sideline in street clothes punching the air as Diabaté prepared to shoot his second attempt.

Right, left. Right, left. Right, left. Then a pause before a right uppercut.

A moment later, Diabaté missed the second. As the crowd went berserk, Olynyk clenched both fits and yelled in jubilation.

He shared a shoulder bump with fellow teammate Malik Beasley, too.