After seeing the video of the event, the family of Tyre Nichols, a guy from Memphis 

who passed away days after being detained and assaulted by police in the city, has released a statement.

Three days after a traffic check that led into an altercation with cops 

and landed Nichols, 29, in the hospital, he passed away on January 10th.

On Monday, before the film was made available to the public,

Tyre Nichols

family members and their attorneys met with Memphis police to study it.

The video was described as "appalling, vile, violent, and disturbing" by civil rights attorney Ben Crump.

Simple traffic stops are giving rise to proof of what occurs to Black and Brown people,

according to Mr. Crump. "You shouldn't die during a routine traffic stop,"

Unfortunately, it made us think of the Rodney King video, Mr. Crump said.

As Nichols was being thrashed, attorney Antonio Romanucci referred to him as "a human piata.

" Following the event, the police dismissed five officers, all of them were Black.

Additionally, two firefighters who were engaged in the traffic stop have been given leave.