The Golden State Warriors defeated the Memphis Grizzlies 122-120 on Wednesday at Chase Center,

but Stephen Curry was removed from the game with 1:14 remaining in the fourth quarter.

Stephen Curry was disqualified with 1:14 remaining in the fourth quarter of the Golden State Warriors'

122-120 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday at Chase Center.

Curry tossed his mouthpiece because he was angry at Jordan Poole, a teammate,

for not throwing him the ball and for attempting a 3-point shot too quickly after an offensive rebound.

When Curry's mouthpiece fell into the spectators, the on-scene referee immediately called Curry

for a technical foul and removed him from the contest.

Curry's mouthpiece was hurled "into the stands with force," which results in an automatic expulsion,

according to crew chief Sean Wright, who confirmed this in the pool report written after the game.