LeBron James and the Lakers were shocked to not receive a game-changing foul against the Celtics; the league confirmed the missed call.

This season, there has been friction between the Los Angeles Lakers and NBA referees.

Los Angeles is third in the league for field goal attempts from restricted areas, but only places 19th for attempts at clutch free throws per minute. 

The offence that scores the most points in the paint than any other for some reason never seems to garner called at the conclusion of games. 

 The situation descended to a new low against the Celtics on Saturday night in Boston.

With four seconds left, Jaylen Brown converted a layup to make the Lakers' advantage three points instead of one. 

Okay, no issue. The Lakers still had the ball and the advantage, right? Wrong. 

Patrick Beverley got cited for one of the most recent fouls you'll ever see, seemingly out of nowhere.

Brown sank the penalty shot. The Lakers requested a break. James' rim-attack play was designed by them. 

He makes a layup after entering the paint. He receives a clean arm wack from Jayson Tatum. Again, there is no whistle. 

And once again, the Lakers lose due to a horrible missed call, exactly like in their double overtime loss to the Mavericks on January 12 

the game in which Troy Brown Jr. seemed to be fouled on a game-winning 3-point shot but did not receive a whistle.

Crew chief Eric Lewis acknowledged to the pool reporter that a mistake had been made on the last possession after the game. 

He claimed, "There was contact." "We did not observe a foul at the time or throughout the game. The cast was not at the play