The Lakers and Jazz are considering a trade involving veteran point guard Russell Westbrook.

According to Bleacher Report, Westbrook has adjusted well to his role as a sixth man and remains available for trade.

The Lakers believe they need to make at least one more roster move to give themselves a shot at contention.

It's possible this move could involve Westbrook, but Patrick Beverley is also a trade candidate.

The Lakers are in communication with several teams around the NBA as they consider their options.

The Lakers and Jazz reportedly engaged in trade discussions last offseason regarding Westbrook.

The Lakers were interested in acquiring Bojan Bogdanovic from Utah, but he was traded to Detroit.

Other veterans on the Jazz, such as Mike Conley, Malik Beasley, and Jordan Clarkson, could still appeal to the Lakers.

The Lakers remain interested in Bogdanovic as they search for outside shooting help, though there is skepticism about the Pistons moving him.

Westbrook's large contract makes him a difficult player to trade, but other trade options are possible.