Margera admitted to her former co-star Steve-O that "I was essentially declared dead on Elvis' birthday."

Bam Margera, a former "Jackass" actor, talks about how he overcame a serious illness.

Margera disclosed that after catching COVID-19, the patient experienced five severe convulsions and aspiration pneumonia, which nearly killed him.

On the day of Elvis Presley's birthday, Margera was essentially declared dead, she revealed on the podcast "Steve-Wild O's Ride."

"I had nasty COVID, which I was unaware of."

"My body was shutting down," he added, "and I had four seizures that lasted between ten and twenty minutes each.

During the fourth one, I bit my tongue so hard that it was almost falling out. When the shaman drove me to the hospital

I went into my sixth seizure and was unable to breathe without a tube down my throat

because my tongue became so large and puffy that it would not fit in my mouth. I was also swallowing the contaminated blood, which gave me pneumonia.

Margera, whose real name is Brandon Cole Margera, felt as though he had been admitted just "a couple of hours"