A small risk taken on the financial front will pay rich dividends. Switching over to healthy food and avoiding junk food will positively influence your health.


Luck will remain with you on the financial front, as you get some great bargains. You may be included in a team or a group that you had wished for.


Someone may return your money that he or she had taken some-time back. Time is at a premium to complete a pending job, so get cracking.


Your lifestyle is likely to improve with increased earning. Steer clear of office politics, as it can harm your interests. Health remains good


Your well thought out financial plan promises to keep you financially strong. This is a favourable time for people involved in trade and business. 


Clinching a lucrative deal is likely to bring you into a lot of money. Promptness will be the key to impressing superiors at work. 


Influx of money is set to increase, making your bank balance healthier. At work, you may get busy in implementing your plans. Not being regular in daily workouts may reflect upon your fitness.


Increased earning will enable you to add to your quality of life. It will be difficult to bear the criticism of a senior on the professional front.


A rise in earning is indicated, as you build up your finances. Selecting the right team members will be the key to your success. Some measures instituted on the health front


You are likely to get financial help to get your dream project on the road. An outside support can be expected to see your dream project through.


You may have to wait out for a sanction, but it will be well worth it. You may become penny wise and pound foolish, and waste money on unimportant things.


A friend or relation is likely to help you out financially. A dealership may not give the expected profits. Those conscious of their physique are likely to join a gym.