Arian Foster had a humorous reaction to claims that the NFL is rigged. 

People have been suggesting that the NFL is rigged following the Chiefs' win against the Bengals. 

Foster appeared on the "Macrodosing" podcast and joked about the practice scripts as if they were plot scripts for rigged games.

Foster made sarcastic comments about the practice scripts, implying that they were part of the rigging conspiracy. 

Foster's comments were in reference to the fact that practices are usually scripted to maximize efficiency and prepare for the game. 

The idea of the NFL being rigged is absurd, as it would require the involvement of powerful people and billions of dollars, who wouldn't want to be embarrassed or lose. 

The notion of the NFL having the competence and power to rig games is not realistic, given the government's inability to build a successful website. 

The idea that a bad call means the game is rigged is ridiculous, and everyone needs to relax and understand that the game is not rigged. 

The NFL displays incompetence at times, but it is not capable of rig games without it going public. 

Foster had the best reaction to the claims of NFL rigging, playing it perfectly so that people could take his comments out of context.